Age UK Gloucestershire discovers £460k fraud

Age UK Gloucestershire discovers £460k fraud

Jan 16, 2024

Trustees at Age UK Gloucestershire have identified fraud by a former employee dating back to 2016 and is now under investigation by Gloucestershire police

The charity discovered the fraudulent activity in July 2023 when the finance manager found that some payments did not match the budget.

After finding the first incident an internal investigation was launched, revealing further fraudulent activity.

Mathew Fellows, CEO of Age UK Gloucestershire said: ‘We can confirm that a police investigation is currently underway, and a former employee is being questioned.

‘As this is an on-going criminal investigation, we are supporting the police with their enquiries and are unable to comment further at this time.

‘We are extremely sad and disappointed that this has happened, however the older people we support remain our priority.’

The Age UK Gloucestershire annual report stated: ‘Through the vigilance of our staff, we were extremely sad and disappointed to discover a sizeable systemic fraud carried out by a former employee, in a position of trust and authority, which dates back to 2016.

‘Everyone has responded to this discovery in a prompt and professional manner, learning from this event started immediately and we continue to implement additional safeguards which will ensure that all our income is protected; our significant reserves were untouched.

‘We have no reason to believe there will be any direct impact upon our services, which will continue as usual.’

The report also made clear that one individual was to blame for the fraud amounting to almost £460,000. The charity is now working with a legal adviser to attempt to recover the funds and the costs associated with doing so.