Revenue Scotland stops use of email agent comms

Revenue Scotland stops use of email agent comms

Nov 15, 2023

Revenue Scotland will no longer accept emails from tax agents and accounts related to the SETS online tax collection system

From 4 December 2023, Revenue Scotland will only communicate by text secure message service (SMS) when communicating with registered users of the online tax collection system (SETS) through the SETS portal.

Tax related emails received by Revenue Scotland will receive a response informing the sender that the request should be resubmitted via text message on the SETS portal.

Revenue Scotland said: ‘This will allow us to provide a more efficient and secure service for agents about their clients.

‘Unlike email, SMS is a secure method of communication for personal taxpayer information (PTI).

‘If an enduring mandate is held, we can discuss PTI directly without further agreements needing to be put in place.’

Revenue Scotland will consider requests to submit a query via email on a case by case basis.