Warning on scam text offering £277 tax rebate

Warning on scam text offering £277 tax rebate

Jan 8, 2024

A hoax text message claiming to be from HMRC has been doing the rounds saying the recipient is owed £277 from the 2020-21 tax year.

People have been receiving a text in the new year claiming to be from HMRC, pushing them to click a suspicious link to receive the rebate.

The text read: ‘HMRC refund: You have an outstanding tax refund of £276.74 from 2020 to 2021.’ It then went on to share a link for access to the funds which will not go to a gov.uk website.

The Fraud Advisory Panel warned text recipients not to fall for the scam, saying: ‘Did you just get a suspicious text or email from HMRC? STOP! Don’t click any links; instead, use a trusted URL to log into your gov gateway.’

This is a similar message to one that was sent in September last year. Up until September HMRC had responded to 60,000 incidences of phone scams such as these.

Any suspicious text should be reported to 60599 or alternatively email. Additionally, the message should be deleted after reporting, advised HMRC.

HMRC will never contact anyone via text message or email regarding a tax rebate, however, they will contact individuals when it is coming towards the self-assessment deadline.